cultural arbitrage

identifying undervalued communities that have the power to mobilize rapid growth.

VCs have largely missed the disruption happening within their own industry.

Today, everyone is an investor. Companies like Robinhood have made it so that anyone can participate in the upside of companies they love. Crypto has shown us that decentralized ownership can rapidly scale any project to global reach.

Yet in private markets, VCs are still serving as gatekeepers to innovation, and their backers are not reflective of the communities they serve. Half of the US population identifies as female, but less than 5% of US Venture Capital Funds are led by women. And that’s just the largest demographic left out of the top 1% of the 1% that make up the cap tables of startups. 

Where's the flavor? 

There is an entire under-represented and untapped class of investors that can provide startups with diverse perspectives and a unique competitive edge. These are table stakes for the industry.  It's time to stop putting salt on every meal and calling it a day - it's time to add some Spice.

Spice is focused on taking big risks in areas primed for rapid change in the next 10 to 25 years. 

Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

Broad Sectors of Focus:


* Web3 infrastructure, gaming & social, NFTs, DeFi


* Reinventing consumer for the digital age


* Technologies empowering the financialization of everything



General Partner Maya Bakhai